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2012/11/26 13:33:17 UTC
Open files via Drag & Drop

It's pretty standard nowadays to have drag & drop functionality allowing you to open a tex(t) file by dragging it from a folder into the program. When I tried this, it didn't work for me at least.
2013/02/08 05:59:42 UTC
Brian Cowan    

The Mac version doesn't open files from a double-click. This is also important to implement.
2013/08/29 03:24:29 UTC
Urbashi Mitra    

Agreed that this is important. I just paid for a two year license and am disappointed that opening files is cumbersome.
2013/10/29 20:22:09 UTC
Brian Cowan    

This should probably be merged with request `Double click to open files' 2013/09/27 05:30:46 UTC Szent Tehen
2013/09/27 05:30:46 UTC
Szent Tehen    
Double click to open files

On the Mac, files cannot be opened by double clicking or using "Open with..." and then selecting Bakoma. Doing this launches Bakoma, but does not open the file. You still have to navigate to the file from within the open dialog. Having double click to open functionality would make Bakoma much more accessible.
2013/11/16 21:33:08 UTC
Brian Cowan    

This request is made also in the `Open files via Drag & Drop' request. Its absence in the Mac version is most inconvenient. It must be very easy to implement.
2013/12/11 22:48:25 UTC
Brian Cowan    

It's crazy that this is still not implemented in the mac version. PLEASE - it really should be implemented in the next upgrade!
2014/03/11 13:20:56 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Double click to open file work beginning from V 10.20.
TeX file is opened in Centaur if it is already launched.
To open file in TeXWord you can use proper icon in centaur.
DVI file is opened in DVI Viewer at double click.
BIB file is opened in BibEdit.

Currently, we do not consider that this is completed. However, it work in some way.

2014/12/21 19:00:43 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

This problem has now completed in BaKoMa TeX 10.62.
Thanks to wxWidgets 3.02 with which new versions was compiled now.

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