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2013/01/06 14:13:59 UTC
thumbnails in \ref list

Sometimes it is difficult to find the figure, table, image, etc. in the references list, if there are many and/or many with similar names. It would be nice to have a small thumbnail for every image, figure and table. By this, they would be also optically separated and distinguished from the references to chapters, sections and subsections (which should stay without thumbnail). Hence there would be no need any more to indicate the reference type in the label, like "ch:Introduction", "fig:magneticsXYgraph", "tab:expenses2012" etc. Additionally the size of the dialog window with the list of references is very small. Its size should be adjustable and saved for the next display of it.
2016/02/11 14:08:54 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Cross Reference Wizard has been implemented in V 11.10 solves this problem.

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