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2013/02/12 15:19:46 UTC
Jamie Vicary    
Permanently disable all toolbars

I never use any of the BaKoMa toolbars, but I can't find a way to permanently disable all of them. In particular, if I close all the toolbars then enter a math context, the math toolbar suddenly reappears. Please allow us to permantly close all toolbars.
2013/08/04 12:34:01 UTC
Ben McDowell    

This can be (almost) solved by dragging the toolbars to the edge of the screen, and further. So that when they suddenly re-appear it doesn't interfere in your work.
2014/12/07 12:55:12 UTC
Bruce Bartlett    

I have tried dragging them to the edge of the screen, but they tend to still suddenly reappear in their old positions.
2015/02/11 19:11:13 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

In BaKoMa TeX 10.65 new option
LaTeX Text/Math Toolbar option of Window menu
now allow to show/hide typesetting toolbars (TeXWord).

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