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2013/02/26 16:49:27 UTC
Auto-scrolling of a page in preview window when selecting bigger block of text

Hello, I think, most of the users would appreciate automatic scrolling in preview window when one selects a block of text that reaches beyond the current view. At the moment, unfortunately, an attempt to mark a wider range of text ends up when you pull in to the border of the editing window. Best Regards, Pawel
2014/02/28 07:35:00 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

2014/04/10 18:12:39 UTC
Ben McDowell    

Hello Basil. I don't see the relation of the original request by Pawel, to the link you gave. In the link, I talked about moves *in the source* to be synchronized with the Preview window, even when exceeding current page in Preview. But in Pawel's request it is neither about synchronization nor about moving in the source windows. He simply asks to be able to mark larger portions of text than the text that appears in one instance in the Preview window (like is possible in most current text editors).

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