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2013/03/07 13:27:03 UTC
"Paste" option in right mouse button menu for previewer window

Hello, I would appreciate if there was "Paste" option in the menu under right mouse button in BaKoMa TeX preview window. There is "Copy" command present on the list, but then one must use keyboard shortcut after all, because "Paste" is missing. Best Regards, Pawel
2014/02/27 09:54:45 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

O'K. This is resolved for next version V 10.30.
NOTE: Paste option not added when (1) selection is, (2) misspelled word, (3) hyperlink, (4) clipboard is empty.
NOTE: Paste is appeared differently as Paste Text or Paste Image depending on text or image is in clipboard.

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