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2013/03/08 15:12:35 UTC
Brian Cowan    
Larger - more visible caret in source window

I find it difficult to see the caret in the source window.
2013/04/26 09:23:58 UTC
Ben McDowell    

I second Brian. I already talked to Basyl about it, and he hinted once he'll do something about it...but this was a year ago (before the Feature Request Voting system).
2013/08/12 10:01:16 UTC
Jacques Cremer    

Yes, this is very important. It could also be bigger in the preview version.
2014/12/10 19:02:26 UTC
Nengjiu Ju    

I too find the caret too difficult to see when switching windows with alt + tab.
2015/05/21 20:35:30 UTC

me too. I think some sort of highlighting would also be great.

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