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2013/06/26 15:00:46 UTC
Tikz wyswyg

I would like to be able to edit tikz figures directly in the interface in order to draw figures with the mouse. Basically it would be a clone of TikzEdt within the editor. That is quite ambitious but would be very nice.
2013/06/26 21:53:38 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Simple solution: just use TikzEdt.

What is reason to clone already existing software ? Just use it.

Anyway, let us vote for this. If it will get enough votes we will think about it.

2014/01/14 23:59:07 UTC

There are many reasons to clone this already existing software (and clone LatexDraw also).

1. In latex world there are two main things : Text (including tables) and Figures (including 
pictures) ! 
Text is already "WYSIWYGed" in Bakoma, which makes its force and the reason I use it.
Now, if we could also draw, then move and resize any figure (like an object contained
in a frame in LatexDraw then move or resize it with mouse), it would give the Wysiwyg feature for 
pictures (and figures) in addition to text) and then make Bakoma "complete" as a true WYSYWIYG 
software !!

2. The second reason is obvious : the technology used in TikzEdt and LatexDraw is free, open 
source, and the brilliant Basil could be easily inspired by the source code to implement a better 
version inside Bakoma, which would avoid to switch from Bakoma to another software for people 
drawing often Figures or inserting pictures in their documents. Currently in Bakoma after insertion 
we try to scale and position it with difficulty after testing several position/scale values. When i 
see what bakoma is able to do with Tikz, I'm sure Basil is able to implement that : the solution 
already exists in latexdraw and tikzEdt anyway !!
This technology exists also in Adobe Dreamweaver (software to make web pages) : when moving a 
picture in display window with mouse, the html code is instantly updated (position values, size, 
etc... in [img] tag). Besides the similarity between Adobe Dreamweaver and Bakoma is very big about 
instant code synchronization. However, in DW the matched areas are more obvious when moving the 
mouse above the code (we see instantly matched paragraphs thanks to color areas in both windows 
without clicking anything, just moving the mouse cursor !!) 

3. The third reason is that feature would boost TexWord as the only true WYSYWIG software for text 
and images/pictures in the world, with true instant synchronization ! Maybe it's hard and long to 
code it, or to find good algorithms, but then it would make a big success. Many scientific  and 
teachers documents are using Figures and schemes, so that features is almost necessary for Latex 
users, to not waste time with \includegraphics parameters to position images or drawing schemes.

4. I could find other arguments, but I hope those ones above are enough to convince this request is 
fundamental in TexWord :=)
2014/01/15 00:20:42 UTC

I will moderate my arguments by saying that, instead of cloning TikzEdt and LatexDraw, Basil could make an interactive function with those software inside TexWord, wich would enable to import directly the figures made outside TexWord inside a specific frame drawed with mouse in the display window in a specific location. It could depend of the output code of TikzEdt and LatexDraw anyway.

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