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2013/09/18 13:29:45 UTC
Eldad Bettelheim    
cursor in source and preview

It is hard to keep track whether one is in the source or preview window -- to know which one you are in you have to wait for the cursor to blink. If you are confused which window is active editing the file can create a lot of frustration. It would be nice if it were immediately obvious which window is active, for example having the cursor in a different colour, e.g. grey, in the non-active window.
2013/12/31 12:04:28 UTC
Ben McDowell    

This is already a previous feature request, that asks to make the cursors more visible.
2014/01/14 23:17:43 UTC

I think this is not the same request. What is asking E. Bettelheim is to know directly what is the active window, so that we don't need to click uselessly or use Ctrl + Tab shortcut to switch window, whereas a more visible cursor (different request then...) would simply let us directly see where both cursors are moving in both focused and unfocused windows especially in editor window. Of course, developping both requests would be the best, Thanks Basil !
2015/11/27 20:47:05 UTC
Tai-Wu Chiang    

I think the easiest way is to provide user configurable cursor color for everyone to customize to whatever they like. Could people please vote this? Thanks.

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