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2013/09/29 22:25:44 UTC
Xi Dong    
Options for repeated clicking in the source window

When I click repeatedly in the source window, it seems to alternate between selecting the word, line, and paragraph. Is there a way to disable this behavior (so that it always just puts the cursor there without selecting anything)? Reply from BaKoMa TeX Support : There is no user friendly way to disable it. It is possible to change in macro files, but I am afraid it may be slightly non-trivial. HINT: Add request for this feature in 'Feature Request' page.
2015/02/11 19:07:49 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

In BaKoMa TeX 10.65 new option
Multiple left button clicks extend selection (in Centaur and TeXWord/Source Files)
in the dialog opened by 'Options / Editing Settings' menu disables this feature.

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