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2013/11/25 21:27:54 UTC
James-Michael Leahy    
Add intermediate font sizes in edit settings dialog (11, 12, 13, 14)

I have a laptop with a 13" screen and I am using Bakoma TeX Word. I have split my screen vertically with the editor on the left and the dvi on the right. I edit text and make minor changes to equations in the dvi, but I use the editing window to write more complex math equations. A bit of background: I have used latex for many years, so I am more efficient at writing equations in latex than in the dvi, but editing text and making minor changes to formula in the dvi window is a useful, which is why I purchased Bakoma. The size 10 font in the editing window is too small for me to read and 15 is unnecessarily large. If I could use size 12 or 13, I believe it would be just right.

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