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2014/03/25 19:21:02 UTC
leo mayer    
PDF-export: Set background to transparent

I would like to have the background set to transparent in case of PDF-export. I am not really happy that the background color is fixed, i.e. white. The user should decide with the PDF-program which background-color (s)he wants to use.
2014/03/27 16:42:03 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Get a moment ...
I have made two documents with white page and transparent page (just remove page form PDF).
At first, I see that they looks similar in all browsers as white.

After small search I have found in Acrobat Reader 11 one interesting feature:
Edit > Preferences > Accessibility ...

This dialog allows to set Custom Color for Page Background and Document Text.
I set (for example) Yellow on Blue ... And ... It works for both documents (without page and with page).
Then I create document with gray page ... And ... I see in Acrobat Reader it as Yellow on Blue.

Resume. Your dream works if you see PDF generated by BaKoMa TeX by Acrobat Reader.

Is it not enought for you ?

2014/03/27 20:01:18 UTC
leo mayer    

I don't use Acrobat Reader. I just checked the options and you are right, the behavior could be changed there. Since I am using for various reasons PDF-XChange Viewer there I changed the option (readability - or so called...) and the background color has no effect at all. So, I guess that's some flag within the PDF interpreted differently...
2014/03/29 09:43:14 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

I continue experimentinting ...
Very popular Fixit Reader

Edit > Preferences > Accessibility
Check on the mark 'Replace Document Colors'

It works with transparent page, WHITE PAGE, but do not work with GRAY page.

2016/03/30 09:35:46 UTC
Falk Ruehl    

I would like to have the option to select a background canvas colour in the DVI viewer. This would facilitate editing includable tikz objects, which are on a transparent canvas, to allow the superposition of these objects. With the current background of the DVI-viewer set to black, you "see" black strokes on a black background. The workaround, to use a white filled object as the first line in the tikzpicture environment can be used, but one always has to remember to comment that line before producing the final output.

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