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2014/04/17 19:31:22 UTC
Showing "snapshots" for easy reference

This is a request relating to the preview. When one places the cursor on a reference or on a citation, Skim (pdf viewer) shows a snapshot of the referenced part (or the relevant citation) in a small box. This is surprisingly convenient as I don't have to flip back and forth to find the referenced equations or citations. I wonder if this is even possible to implement.
2014/04/18 05:09:52 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

It is interesting ...

I have one question ...
Do you talk about support of hyperreferences generated by HyperTeX ?
Or you talk about support of feature on source level ?

Implementation should be very different ...

In case of HyperRef links page window should be involved. The problem is that TeXWord do not have all pages at editing time.
Fortuna of Skim is that PDF file is complete and includes all required information.

In case of source, implementation by searching in source files may be less robust (TeX macros may obfuscate any scanner) but may be useful enough.
However, what is about using BibTEX for citations ?

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