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2014/05/02 13:13:44 UTC
leo mayer    
Multi-Threading - Text Edit + Text Processing

I want to have the Editing independent from the Text-Processing-feedback, cause currently one blox the other

i.e. when I input a text, then the Tex-interpreter launches and computes. But this takes in some documents some seconds due to heavy graphics and math forumlas. Most of the time I just want to change words, insert new package etc.

So, I would like to have on the one hand the processing and on the other the source-editing split up independently. This would give me more interactive possibilities and not always blocking the whole document due to tiny changes. Or is there already some setting available which would allow that kind of work? (I haven't found an option.)

I would imagine some time delay might already be helpful, i.e. process the tex-file every 500 ms, if the processing is finished then launch the next one, if the processing takes longer, skip the next processing-stapel and continue with editing

I want to note, that my CPU is Corei5 and has 4 kernels. All on one kernel is little bit :( At least that kind of split would help in responsivness with the editor.
2015/02/22 00:31:37 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

BaKoMa TeX 10.65 provide alternative solution:
See details in Centaur + TeXWord: using TeXWord as TeX Preview

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