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2016/05/03 07:52:27 UTC
Run-in commented text line should be of the same in color until the last line

In Centaur, I noticed that even I'd set the color of comment "%" (which the default was blue), when applying it in a long line (run-in line) only the first line changes the color and not the entire commented line compare to other LaTeX editors do. It would be much better to fix this since commented text need to be highlighted to emphasize which text is active and which is not.
2016/07/10 13:31:50 UTC
Brian Cowan    

This happens in TexWord also. I raised this in a Forum discussion on 2016/02/28. Basil responded `Yes. There is disadvantage of our highlighting algorithm. You can add it to Feature Request.' So I am glad it is now added. Also, if I copy and paste such a long split line, then in the pasted version the second line is not regarded as commented out. (I am using the Mac version of BaKoMaTeX)

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