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2016/05/30 13:24:21 UTC
Search dialog box - auto select previous search string

When I open the search dialog box (CTRL+F) I expect that it will automatically select the string that appears in the search dialog box. This string reflects the previous search the user has made. Automatically selecting it, allows the user to easily override the previous string with a new one. This is the default behaviour for most modern text editors. In fact this is the behavior of Bakoma when searching within the formated text window, but for some reason, a different behavior was chosen for the native tex window search. I suggest to change this behavior to be consistent among two windows.
2016/10/29 10:36:02 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

In Page Window we use Modal Dialog.
In Source Files window we use non modal dialog.
Modal dialog is created at every invoking. Non-modal is not closing it is only shown/hidden without any change.

It is reason of different behavior.

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