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2017/03/08 13:09:49 UTC
Jamie Vicary    
Keep the source editor fully responsive at all times

Editing the source of a document can often make the entire IDE unresponsive, if it triggers a computationally expensive recompilation. It is of course reasonable that the live preview should hang while this is happening. But the source code editor should remain responsive; computation should be happening in another thread. If the user then wants to see the current version of the live preview, then they just have to stop typing for long enough for the live preview to catch up. Note that this would solve the issue with TikZ figures taking too long to compile, as mentioned above. There is a workaround currently implemented allowing users to edit source files with another text editor, but this is very clunky and often leads to crashes.
2018/03/10 21:31:02 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

2018/03/18 20:33:28 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

To improve response when using TIKZ you can use TIKZ has externalize feature which solves this problem in very efficient way.
TIKZ/externalize is supported in transparent way beginning from BaKoMa TeX 11.55.
2018/11/11 11:30:56 UTC
Falk Ruehl    

I still miss any comment, that explains, why ist is so difficult to start the compilation cycle only after the input buffer is empty, i.e. do the same as a copy and paste operation, which seems to be completed bferoe a compute cycle is started.

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