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2017/04/22 13:06:30 UTC
Paul Frischknecht    
Faster and asynchronous handling of large images

When I use \includegraphics on large images, BaKoMaTex hangs whenever I scroll to the page with the images. The hang is even worse when the files are on a network drive. I understand that it can take a long time to load these files, but there is no reason to make the program hang for that. Just display a placeholder and do the loading in the background in a separate thread. All the webbrowsers do this too.
2018/06/02 10:25:36 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

We analize this request.

It is possible to skip processing of very large or very complex (i.e. EPS) file.

However, it is impossible to optimize anything for downloading from network drives.

The reason is that TeXWord have two important passes:

  1. TeX processing where figure geometry is required to make page.
  2. drawing figure on page required.
So, we can make asynchronious page drawing at stage (2).
But we can't add any download related optimization on stage (1)

So, it looks that requested (when figures are on network drive) optimization is just impossible.

In other sider, optimization for complex figures on local drive is possible.

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