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2018/01/28 11:12:01 UTC
Amit Moscovich Eiger    
Text toolbar and Math toolbar should be pinned to the same place

Since they switch depending on whether the cursor is on a text block or math block, they should occupy the same place. Some really weird behaviour happens if one of them is pinned below the main toolbar and the other to the right of the main toolbar. As you move the cursor in the source window, the height of the toolbar area changes in a funny manner while scrolling with the cursor or clicking on things. This causes the source and viewer windows to jump. For example, scrolling through the source window using the down key results in a non- monotonic and annoying scroll. I was sure it was a bug for a long time before I figured it out.
2018/01/28 17:48:22 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

You can pin them into the same place or into different places.
It is at desire of user.
2018/02/04 12:48:02 UTC
Amit Moscovich Eiger    

The problem is that they can be pinned to different places, so that for example when you're in a text block you have just one row of toolbars and when you're on a math block you have two toolbars. Then as you scroll through the document, the toolbar area changes size when you move between math and text blocks, which makes the source and preview windows jump in an annoying fashion. Also, if the cursor is currently in a text block and you click on a math block, the source window moves! This is terribly annoying, and I was sure it was a bug.
2018/02/04 12:51:47 UTC
Amit Moscovich Eiger    

In the situation described above, when you click on some text and then on a formula in the preview window it actually moves the preview window and selects some of the formula! It is a clear bug.
2018/02/04 12:55:32 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Different users have different preferences.
If you prefer to have both toolbars pined into teh same location just do it.
Another users may prefer, for example, to pin text toolbar to bottom, but math toolbar to right.

Take attention that both, you and "Another User" can do desired environment.

In our current approach both ways (may be with one additional mouse drag) are available.

Your proposal allow only one approach.

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