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2018/07/05 04:40:27 UTC
query on "PDF2EPS - BaKoMa TeX Portable Document Format (PDF) Import Filter"

Dear Sir, We would like to include graphics in PDF format in our LaTeX files compiled using LaTeX2e format from BaKoMa TeX. For an included image "\includegraphics{Figure1.pdf}", included in a test LaTeX file, an equivalent file "" containing header details along with bounding box fetched from graphics PDF is created to be used during compilation. But the Bounding box values llx lly urx, ury are captured as integer value and included for "%%BoundingBox: 0 0 299 285" in *.bb file. This leads to change in page layout when the same test LaTeX file is compiled in PDFLaTeX in MiKTeX. To avoid this layout change, we would like to capture the Bounding box values as is in %%HiResBoundingBox: 0 0 298.92 284.4 in *.bb file. Then include with the option "hirebb" in "\includegraphics[hiresbb]{Figure1.pdf}" in test LaTeX file. Look forward to your adivse on how to achieve the above change using "PDF2EPS.exe" soon.

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