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2018/07/16 06:44:50 UTC
Sriram Prabu    
LaTeXDiff Requirement

In latexdiff, whether it is that possible to capture the exact changes alone instead of capturing the whole word. For example the word “Conjecture” was changed to “conjecture”, ie., uppercase “C” changed to lowercase “c” for this latexdiff capturing the whole word but my requirement is that it should show the only changes for “C”. Another example, if a hyphen is introduced in a word as “second order” to “second-order”. Hyphen alone should show, instead latexdiff capturing whole word. Similarly where ever the changes done for particular character it has to show the character change instead of showing whole word change. One more requirement if we click the trackchange button from edit menu its creating the track change TeX file alone to the folder "Trackchange_out" and not moving the style files placed in the working path. Whenever the trackchange is getting created if any cls, sty files placed in the working directory that also should move the trackchange PDF folder to avoid the error show due to style files used. Expecting the possible solution/work around on these requirement. Please let me know in case of any clarification is required in the both requirement mentioned above.
2018/07/16 07:05:17 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

This should be placed into "Feature Request".

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