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2022/09/09 10:57:49 CEST    

I have an old licence for the 32 bit software. I would like to buy a 64 b it licence is this still available for the MAC Thanks Terence Cosgrove
Votes:  1

2021/03/03 14:04:08 CET

Dear All, I'm very new to tex and I would like to know if the "True WYSIWYG LaTeX System" software is free or I will have to purchase a license. I clicked on the button "Purchase", but the page seems to be down. Also a message with title "BaKoMa TeX Evaluation Reminder" is poped-up that "I have 30 days of evaluation Your installation BaKoMa TeX has ISN=22837155" Can any one can explain to me if it is free or I will have to purchase a license? Thank you very much for your time and forward to hearing from you. Met vriendelijke groet / Kind Regards, Georgios Giannakopoulos

Votes:  3

2021/07/06 15:14:27 CEST
Output Files Directory

Bakoma generates a lot of output files. I couldn't find a way to change the output directory. It would be great if we can easily change the output directories.
Votes:  1

2018/07/11 10:05:10 UTC
Auto-completion of Latex code

Hi Admin! Although there is 'Use TAB key for Syntax Completion' in More tab (Centaur) and Source tab (TeXWord). But I suggest that the possible syntaxs to choose should appear immediately as I write the code, not just after I press Tab and press Insert. Also, it is very good to have the symbol of syntax together with syntax.

Votes:  3

2016/01/04 05:41:54 UTC
Charlie Slominski    
Autofill Find What box with selected text after pressing Ctrl-F in source editor

In the source editor, I often highlight text and then press Ctrl-F hoping it will automatically place that text in the Find What box so that I can immediately search for it. It would be great if that were the case. Thanks!
Votes:  6

2015/09/03 13:50:41 UTC
Velu Sathish    
Track Changes like Microsoft word

Is it really possible (Track Changes like Microsoft word), if that happens, hope many like me will enjoy that feature in BakomaTex, Instant Track change option will be useful for many of us

Votes:  7

2015/04/24 06:04:30 UTC
thomas von brasch    
Automatic update

Hi It would be nice if BakomaTex could be automatically updated when you release a new version. (at least as an option) Thomas

Votes:  10

2012/10/17 18:26:58 UTC
Dynamic word wrap in the TexWord source window

Add an option to make the TexWord source window automatically wrap words at the right hand edge of the window so that the text automatically reflows as the window width is changed (as with most other Windows applications). This would be easier than having to hard code a fixed character width (which feels quite old fashioned now!)

Votes:  72

2019/08/20 14:31:00 CEST
Auto Formatting & Indenting

If one collaborates with others, it is good if automated formatting options exist. For example, successive itemize environments should be indented. (Currently one can only indent line by line, not several lines. Also un-indenting by using shift+tab is not possible) The perhaps simplest way to achieve this would be an option to format a single source file according to some style sheet. I would appreciate this.
Votes:  3

2020/08/11 21:14:28 CEST
R D Sujatha    
Varied oupput when using Bakoma Cleveref package

We used Cleveref.sty package from Bakoma, which gave an incorrect out put when compared to the one in MiKTeX packages. The cross references did not get updated properly, not it gave an error during compilation. The version used in Bakoma is \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}[1999/12/01] \ProvidesPackage{cleveref} [2009/09/22 v0.14.2 Intelligent cross-referencing] The one in MiKTeX is \def\packagedate{2018/03/27} \def\packageversion{0.21.4} Please update me on the difference in OUTPUT.
Votes:  1

2012/10/31 07:05:45 UTC
Malathi Anoop    
We want to use "xeTex" format

We would like to use Bakoma for "xeTex/xetex.exe" with OTF fonts so that we can typeset all the characters in a font, i.e., characters from 257 onwards.

Votes:  26

2018/12/18 11:02:23 UTC
Lucas Willems    
Keyboard shortcut for previous / next page

It would be nice to have a shortcut to go to the previous / next page in Latex. It is particularly useful for beamer. For example, I set the view to "fit the page", I do the first slide, then I would like a shortcut to go to the next slide (and have it already fitting the page).
Votes:  3

2017/02/03 18:31:40 UTC
Alessandro Magnani    
Improvement of the search and replace function

If you press "return" after having performed a search with CTRL+F the selected portion of the text is deleted. It would be preferred to associate "return" to "find next". Moreover, it would be interesting to extend the search and replace by including regexp. Basically, a search and replace function as it is in Notepad++ would be great!
Votes:  6

2018/06/09 20:19:20 UTC
Harry M    
Support dark mode in Windows and MacOS

It would be very nice if the BaKoMa menus can support dark mode in MacOS Mojave and in Windows 10 Redstone 5 Update (available in Fall 2018, but beta/developer versions are available now).

Votes:  5

2018/10/07 09:28:06 UTC
Tijs H    
Custom Buttons

It would be nice to create your own buttons and match it with a latex command.

Votes:  4

2015/05/14 09:04:29 UTC
Malathi Anoop    
Online version of BaKoMa

Dear Sir Confirm when there will be release for an online version of BaKoma. Look forward to receiving your response to the above soon. Thank you Malathi

Votes:  8

2016/05/30 13:24:21 UTC
Search dialog box - auto select previous search string

When I open the search dialog box (CTRL+F) I expect that it will automatically select the string that appears in the search dialog box. This string reflects the previous search the user has made. Automatically selecting it, allows the user to easily override the previous string with a new one. This is the default behaviour for most modern text editors. In fact this is the behavior of Bakoma when searching within the formated text window, but for some reason, a different behavior was chosen for the native tex window search. I suggest to change this behavior to be consistent among two windows.

Votes:  2

2017/03/08 13:09:49 UTC
Jamie Vicary    
Keep the source editor fully responsive at all times

Editing the source of a document can often make the entire IDE unresponsive, if it triggers a computationally expensive recompilation. It is of course reasonable that the live preview should hang while this is happening. But the source code editor should remain responsive; computation should be happening in another thread. If the user then wants to see the current version of the live preview, then they just have to stop typing for long enough for the live preview to catch up. Note that this would solve the issue with TikZ figures taking too long to compile, as mentioned above. There is a workaround currently implemented allowing users to edit source files with another text editor, but this is very clunky and often leads to crashes.

Votes:  4

2017/01/26 21:22:31 UTC
Falk Ruehl    
Make better use of the type ahead buffer

If a junk of TeX-input is inserted via a paste command, TexWord processes the complete paste buffer, before an update of the output window is initiated. On the other hand, TexWord processes only the first character in the type ahead buffer, not the actual buffer content, before an update of the output window is initiated. If the update is compute intensive, e.g. if the preamble is edited, or the page contains a complex tikz or pgfplots graphics, or TeX processes the last or first lines of a page, this behaviour results in an awful response to the character input via the keyboard (>2 seconds per key, even on an actual MacBookPro). Emptying the type ahead buffer, before an update cycle is started, i.e. processing the full content of the buffer in the same way as the paste buffer is processed, would result in a sizeable speedup of TeXWord and would be a great benefit for rapid TeX-typers. (The workaround, which involves typing a long text into a simple text editor, and using a copy and paste into TeXWord or switching intermediately to the Bakoma Text Editor, helps, but cannot be the last word from Bakoma.)

Votes:  2

2012/12/18 18:34:37 UTC
Andreas Moser    
Insert Reference - List of Labels is not updated

When using insert reference the list of Labels is not updated for documents added to a master document using the \import command. Is ther a way to get the list of Labels for all subdocuments ?
Votes:  3

2015/04/19 10:59:26 UTC
Multiple pages view

It would be very helpful to have the option of a multiple pages view or at least a two pages view of the simultaneously output pages.

Votes:  6

2016/05/03 07:52:27 UTC
Run-in commented text line should be of the same in color until the last line

In Centaur, I noticed that even I'd set the color of comment "%" (which the default was blue), when applying it in a long line (run-in line) only the first line changes the color and not the entire commented line compare to other LaTeX editors do. It would be much better to fix this since commented text need to be highlighted to emphasize which text is active and which is not.

Votes:  5

2018/07/05 04:40:27 UTC
query on "PDF2EPS - BaKoMa TeX Portable Document Format (PDF) Import Filter"

Dear Sir, We would like to include graphics in PDF format in our LaTeX files compiled using LaTeX2e format from BaKoMa TeX. For an included image "\includegraphics{Figure1.pdf}", included in a test LaTeX file, an equivalent file "" containing header details along with bounding box fetched from graphics PDF is created to be used during compilation. But the Bounding box values llx lly urx, ury are captured as integer value and included for "%%BoundingBox: 0 0 299 285" in *.bb file. This leads to change in page layout when the same test LaTeX file is compiled in PDFLaTeX in MiKTeX. To avoid this layout change, we would like to capture the Bounding box values as is in %%HiResBoundingBox: 0 0 298.92 284.4 in *.bb file. Then include with the option "hirebb" in "\includegraphics[hiresbb]{Figure1.pdf}" in test LaTeX file. Look forward to your adivse on how to achieve the above change using "PDF2EPS.exe" soon.
Votes:  2

2018/09/12 05:59:07 UTC
Leela S    
Cursor Position in Source Files Window

Upon clicking BaKoMa-TeXWord option "User > NextPage", the position of cursor in source file remains in the the last accessing location. The same option were available with BaKoMa TeX version 9.8. Can this be enabled again?
Votes:  3

2018/09/17 13:10:02 UTC
Brian Cowan    
Mac Dock appearance of icons

On the Mac (BaKoMa TeX Word) each open LaTeX file has its own icon on the Dock bar. My request is that if you `hover' the mouse pointer over one of the icons it would tell you to which LaTeX file that icon referred (rather than say 'BaKoMa TeX Word'). Otherwise it can be difficult to find the right file without clicking each icon in turn. I believe that in the Windows version there is only a single icon, and 'right-clicking' on that then gives you the choice of open files. That, also, would be a good solution. But I accept this is low priority. The basic functionality is what is important - and that is great!!
Votes:  1

2018/08/21 14:08:26 UTC
Moonzoo Kim    
Change the folder where tex backup files are created

I would like to make Bakoma to store backup tex files in a directory that I specify. This is because many backup files are created in the same tex source directory, which makes managing tex source files difficult.

Votes:  5

2015/10/17 23:41:06 UTC
Preview windows cursor movement in math mode

I write all my notes and papers (in physics) in LaTeX. Because of that I have noticed that cursor movement in math mode in Bakoma is really very poor/has many bugs and could be much improved. Here are a few examples (everything should be written directly in preview window in math mode): 1- If you write something like A=\left(\frac{\partial}{\partial q^{1}}\right), once you move the cursor passed "=", it goes on top left of "(". Not only it is confusing, it is also not easy to see if you enter something, it will appear before "(" 2- In something like P^{\mu\nu}\frac{\partial f}{\partial x^{\mu}}, if you move the cursor past "\nu", it will go up, close to "\partial" in the numerator, and if you enter anything, it enter it in the numerator, while the cursor should go before "\frac" and anything entered should appear before the "\frac". 3- Write x^b and then go back and try to edit it to x^{b^{c}}. Almost impossible. 4- Write x^{a} and then try to delete "a" in the exponent. It will delete it but will leave the code as "x^" instead of just "x". 5- Deleting some part of math using backspace or del keys in preview windows in many cases messes everything up and is a disaster (c.f. item 4 above). I could go on about many more examples. I am using LyX in addition to Bakoma Tex, and one of the few reason I have not migrated to Bakoma is that LyX math cursor movement is nearly perfect (the best cursor movement in my experience is the one in infty editor). I wish Bakoma had cursor movements as smooth and acceptable as e.g. Lyx. Would be great if the next update can fix this. Thanks!

Partial solution in version 11.71, revision 180612.

Votes:  11

2012/11/05 17:51:27 UTC
Vicent Giner Bosch    
Creating tables from Excel files or other formats

I think one really interesting feature for making a difference would be the following: Adding the possibility of adding data tables from Excel files, I mean, to translate tables from Excel to LaTeX format. This feature is actually implemented in Inlage, another LaTeX visual editor. I think this is a very interesting feature to be added to BaKoMa because managing with tables is one of the hardest tasks when creating a LaTeX document, at least for me.

Votes:  14

2013/05/29 12:37:52 UTC
Position manually image / graphic rectangle with mouse in display Windows (like MS Word)

Hello, When I insert a picture (\includegraphics), I must enter parameters after clicking the "include graphic" button BEFORE inserting, so I don't know how it will look like in the display Window, so I can't control manually the position of the image It would be nice to modify directly the position and size of the picutre from the diplay Window by moving a rectangle and its corners/sides with the mouse (like we do in Microsoft Word, Openoffice, etc...),and after validating the position in display window, it would convert to Latex code in the source window. Indeed, positionning images/graphics in Latex in a precise location of a document page is often complicated, and we must try manually several values (scale, height, width, etc...) in source window before having the correct position and size.

Votes:  27

2018/05/29 10:46:24 UTC
Yunda Yan    
Please add some Chinese Latex Templates

I know that the latest version is suitable for Chinese language, but it is not suitable for most existing Chinese latex templates, e.g., for article and thesis. Compatibility problem for Chinese language is still severe. I have bought the Business License with upgrades in 2 years and hope it will work some day in the future. By the way, I have tested the thesis template on, but it does not work.

Votes:  1

2018/08/11 15:23:40 UTC
Tijs H    
Preventing incorrect Table of contents/Page numbers when exporting

Add option to PDF generation dialog: Process(Refresh) document N times before saving PDF. The result is that when the document is exported to PDF, the compiler will do all N passes, which ensures that things s.a. clickable references, page numbers, table of contents are correct when exported as a PDF ( If N is sufficiently large). The result will be just as if you would compile your document in any other Latex editor, without having to remember to manually refresh your document before exporting.
Votes:  1

2013/06/26 15:00:46 UTC
Tikz wyswyg

I would like to be able to edit tikz figures directly in the interface in order to draw figures with the mouse. Basically it would be a clone of TikzEdt within the editor. That is quite ambitious but would be very nice.

Votes:  16

2018/07/16 06:44:50 UTC
Sriram Prabu    
LaTeXDiff Requirement

In latexdiff, whether it is that possible to capture the exact changes alone instead of capturing the whole word. For example the word “Conjecture” was changed to “conjecture”, ie., uppercase “C” changed to lowercase “c” for this latexdiff capturing the whole word but my requirement is that it should show the only changes for “C”. Another example, if a hyphen is introduced in a word as “second order” to “second-order”. Hyphen alone should show, instead latexdiff capturing whole word. Similarly where ever the changes done for particular character it has to show the character change instead of showing whole word change. One more requirement if we click the trackchange button from edit menu its creating the track change TeX file alone to the folder "Trackchange_out" and not moving the style files placed in the working path. Whenever the trackchange is getting created if any cls, sty files placed in the working directory that also should move the trackchange PDF folder to avoid the error show due to style files used. Expecting the possible solution/work around on these requirement. Please let me know in case of any clarification is required in the both requirement mentioned above.

Votes:  1

2017/04/22 13:06:30 UTC
Paul Frischknecht    
Faster and asynchronous handling of large images

When I use \includegraphics on large images, BaKoMaTex hangs whenever I scroll to the page with the images. The hang is even worse when the files are on a network drive. I understand that it can take a long time to load these files, but there is no reason to make the program hang for that. Just display a placeholder and do the loading in the background in a separate thread. All the webbrowsers do this too.

Votes:  4

2013/01/01 03:27:45 UTC
Brian Cowan    

I would love a highlight-drag-paste facility to move chunks of text in the editor window.
Drag & drop technique of copying or cutting/pasting text in BaKoMa TeX Word

Votes:  24

2012/11/09 20:27:30 UTC
Jeroen Soutberg    
Standard behaviour for DEL and BACKSPACE with Tex prompt

If TeX is interrupted or has executed a \show command, and asks for input at the command prompt, I would like the DEL and BACKSPACE keys to exhibit standard behaviour. [Presently, the control codes are seen as characters, so it is impossible to correct a typo when entering a command or a control sequence.]

Votes:  4

2017/01/07 12:08:41 UTC
Roger Wehage    
Add Display Equation Reference by Equation Number

I have been using MathType/MSWord to prepare technical documents with hundreds of numbered display equations for many years. Now I plan to use BaKoMa TeXWord to write a book. The feature I love most about MathType/MSWord is when I want to add a display equation reference anywhere in the document, I click simply on "Insert Equation Reference", double click on the displayed equation number, and MathType/MSWord takes care of the rest. The display equation number automatically appears in the document at the curser, and it is linked to the display equation.

I know that something like this can be done in LaTeX documents using hyperlinks Obviously I'm not a LaTeX power user, and being in my mid 70s doesn't make the job any easier. How does anyone write a LaTeX document with 200 referenced display equations without going crazy? To handle this problem now I use something like eqn:name to label and reference all display equations, where name represents any unique and legal string of characters without blanks. Then I wrote a python script that reads my LaTeX.tex file anytime I want and changes all eqn:name to eqn:###, where ### is the integer matching each display equation number shown in parentheses at the time. If I later decide to insert, delete, move, or duplicate display equations, I have to manually change or add new labels and references by whatever means most convenient at the time. Then I run my python script again to clean up everything. While that may seem like a lot of extra work it beats the alternatives. Manually naming and referencing display equations may work OK when only a few dozen, but it quickly gets out of hand when there are hundreds.

I would like to see a capability in BaKoMa TeXWord, similar to what is in MathType/MSWord, where each numbered display equation is automatically given a label that I never have to see if I choose not to, and when I want to reference a display equation by its label in the LaTeX.tex document I can use an "Insert Equation Reference" command and then double click on the display equation's displayed number shown in parentheses to have a reference to the display equation automatically inserted in my LaTeX document at the curser location.

Votes:  7

2018/01/28 11:12:01 UTC
Amit Moscovich Eiger    
Text toolbar and Math toolbar should be pinned to the same place

Since they switch depending on whether the cursor is on a text block or math block, they should occupy the same place. Some really weird behaviour happens if one of them is pinned below the main toolbar and the other to the right of the main toolbar. As you move the cursor in the source window, the height of the toolbar area changes in a funny manner while scrolling with the cursor or clicking on things. This causes the source and viewer windows to jump. For example, scrolling through the source window using the down key results in a non- monotonic and annoying scroll. I was sure it was a bug for a long time before I figured it out.

Votes:  1

2017/03/06 18:35:16 UTC
Paul Frischknecht    
Create high DPI/retina icons

The program works very well on a 4k display. However, the icons look pixelated or blurred. It would be nice if this could be fixed. Very low priority of course.
Votes:  4

2018/02/04 12:53:12 UTC
Amit Moscovich Eiger    
Remember toolbar positions

Unlike the position of the different windows, the location of the toolbars is not saved between sessions.
Votes:  1

2014/09/03 06:32:59 UTC
thomas von brasch    
Grammar checking tool

Hi It would be very nice if you could make a grammar-checking tool, i.e., something that checks for mistakes such as "two dog" or "a books". This is included in the latex package RtextDoc (
Votes:  7

2013/01/17 20:27:22 UTC
Sixue Qin    
Font for displaying source text

This feature actually does not work. The font list is disable. How about the native mac font picker?

Votes:  7

2014/06/12 22:42:08 UTC
Jake Wright    
Esc Key for full screen mode

Usually, in most programs, you can press the Esc key to get out of full screen mode. It should be the same for BaKoMa Tex!
Votes:  6

2013/08/12 10:08:00 UTC
Jacques Cremer    
Focus in Insert TeX command window

When one opens the "Insert RAW TeX code" window, it already has a \ inserted in it, but the focus is on this \. If order to keep it, one must either type Ctrl-Right or retype the \. Given that it most cases, the first character of my code is \, it would be easier if the focus was just to its right. I could type 'mycommand' instead of '\mycommand' (on a French keyboard, the \ is more difficult to type than on, for instance, a US keyboard).
Votes:  6

2012/10/17 18:34:05 UTC
Code folding in the TexWord source windows

Add an option to use code folding (i.e. a small + or - symbol in the margin) for sections, environments, display equations etc

Votes:  17

2013/10/04 15:06:15 UTC
Adriaan Barri    
Microtypography support

This feature request concerns microtypography support in Bakoma. Microtypography can significantly improve the readability and appearance of text ( The Microtype package incorporates these advanced typography improvements in pdfLatex ( Unfortunately, this microtype package is not yet available in Bakoma...

Votes:  21

2014/04/28 13:40:26 UTC
A. H.    
Keep tabs and line endings

Currently, on opening a document in Texword, all tab characters are replaced by spaces, and all line endings are changed to Windows-style CRLF (on Windows, at least). This makes using Texword impossible for collaborative editing (e.g. via SVN). Feature request: Add options to 1) "keep tabs as tabs"/"do not replace tabs by spaces", and 2) "keep line endings" or a way to explicitly set line ending style (CRLF, LF, CR - like in e.g. Notepad2).

Votes:  3

2012/11/05 17:48:55 UTC
Vicent Giner Bosch    
An easy-to-use bibliographic style creator

I think one really interesting feature for making a difference would be the following: A new auxiliary program at BaKoMa aimed at creating customized bibliographic sytles (.bst files) for being used with BibTeX and/or Natbib. It should be easy to use, maybe with visual features... I mean, it could be like a friendly visual interface for `makebst` command program provided by `custom-bib` package, or something similar. Also, it could help somehow to choose the cite style, I mean, it could work as a guide for choosing appropriate Natbib package options, or something similar. I think this is a very interesting feature because managing bibliography is one of the hardest tasks when managing with a LaTeX document, at least for me, specially if it is a big one.
Votes:  7

2014/09/08 16:23:54 UTC
Auto-add package

I would love an auto-add package option step 1: i download the package from the source ( internet, university) Step 2: I go to bakoma and click add package ( select the folder. step 3: bakoma puts every file in a respective folder naming it the same as original folder and maps the tree step 4: I open and use.
Votes:  9

2017/11/25 00:27:52 UTC
Brian Cowan    
Mac: Source Window font

On the Mac you can't change the source window font. It would be nice to be able to do so. But I accept that this is low priority.
Votes:  1

2017/05/25 03:04:45 UTC
Jee-ar Noway Cabusog    
LaTeX for typesetting XML

I would like to request to add a feature to change the REGULAR TEXT and the MATHML color. Retain the black color in Regular Text then change the color in MATHML so that we can easily identify.

Votes:  9

2015/01/16 07:06:01 UTC
Nengjiu Ju    
Correct spelling automatically

Auto spelling correction is a system preference feature (which can be enabled/disabled) in OS X. Bamoka can check and show misspelling but does not make auto correction.
Votes:  4

2015/03/25 13:50:44 UTC
Amit Moscovich Eiger    
Subscription-based personal licensing plan

Having purchased a student license 2 years ago, I am now stuck using an old version. While I would love to use the most recent version, I am not sure I can justify paying another 55 euros just to get "Track changes" and numerous small improvements, and then having to pay again after 2-3 years. On the other hand, I would happily pay 3$-5$ every month to be able to use the latest version. That way, you'll also be getting a lot more of my money, and I think acquiring new customers will be easier.

Votes:  6

2014/03/25 19:21:02 UTC
leo mayer    
PDF-export: Set background to transparent

I would like to have the background set to transparent in case of PDF-export. I am not really happy that the background color is fixed, i.e. white. The user should decide with the PDF-program which background-color (s)he wants to use.

Votes:  2

2015/01/23 06:55:24 UTC
Suresh A L    
Highlighting Repeated words

It would be nice if we have text highlights for repeated words in source and viewer (like BakoMa dictionary files). Example: "This is is example..."
Votes:  3

2015/04/09 17:27:00 UTC
Warren Tai    
Right click on an equation to change its type

It will be convenient if I have a displaymath equation that becomes too long as I type, and I need to put it in multline*, I can right click to choose to change convert it to multline*; I don't want to cut from the displaymath environment and paste it into a multline* environment

Votes:  4

2014/06/25 20:07:40 UTC
leo mayer    
Clear overview about Error and Warnings

Since I now tested TexMaker I am really astonished how simple and useful a complete list of warnings and errors is. Cause with the current design the overview gets lost if an Error occurred or not, especially when it reveals not immediately. And I have to admit that I already lost the overview about warnings due to the floating text. A table which lists the Error, Warning, Badbox, etc. would be highly appreciated - although I am aware about the buttons in the bottom. But these don't provide an overview.
Votes:  4

2015/10/02 22:51:56 UTC
Zongwei Lu    
Add trigger option to user macro

Recently I find macro is efficient in typing commands and self-defined commands. It will be much more efficient if the macro can be activated by a trigger. Texstudio is excellent in this respect. One can define, e.g., semicolon ";", as a trigger. So I can define a macro for integral, such as, \int_{%<*%>}^{%<*%>} %<*%> d%<*%> The "%<*%>" is interpreted as a placeholder, where "*" is highlighted and waiting for input. After typing the first placeholder, one can press TAB key to jump to the second placeholder, and so on. Even better, this macro can be activated in the editor, if we define a trigger for it. I define a trigger as ;int which starts with a semicolon. So when I type in ";int", the macro is activated. So great! Texword has macro, but we have to define key combinations for them. And typing in ";int" is much natural than key combinations, especially when we have many macros. It is also hard to remember and recall every combination (one has to think before press the combination). I list some of my macros and triggers, just to illustrate, Trigger Macro ;bbrc \bigg\{ %<*%> \bigg\} %<*%> ;bbrk \bigg[%<*%>$\bigg\] %<*%> ;aeq \begin{align*} %<*%> \end{align*} ;naeq \begin{align} %<*%> \end{align} ;inl $%<*%>$ To avoid italized text in the viewer when I type in the 1st $. ;adq \\ &\quad %<*%> Using this can avoid flashing in the viewer when press Enter after \\. ;cbrc {%<*%>} This can also avoid flashing. "c" stands "code" for me. ;frac \frac{%<*%>}{%<*%>}%<*%> I really wish Texword can add such feature. Thanks a lot in advance.
Votes:  4

2014/02/18 11:44:27 UTC
Peter Trifonov    
Insert OLE objects

It would be nice for TexWord to support including OLE objects (e.g. Visio/AutoCad drawings, Excel spreadsheets) into LaTeX files. Currently there exists open source software OLETeX, which performs this job by converting OLE objects into EPS files. It would be great if it is integrated into BaKoMa TeX.
Votes:  4

2015/05/19 14:35:02 UTC
Cyrille Piatecki    
any pdf reader

Ask the authorization to close any reader of pdf before exporting.

Votes:  2

2013/02/26 16:49:27 UTC
Auto-scrolling of a page in preview window when selecting bigger block of text

Hello, I think, most of the users would appreciate automatic scrolling in preview window when one selects a block of text that reaches beyond the current view. At the moment, unfortunately, an attempt to mark a wider range of text ends up when you pull in to the border of the editing window. Best Regards, Pawel

Votes:  4

2015/03/05 21:04:11 UTC
Speed editing by accurately highlighting selected text when there are intervening figures, tables, footnotes

To edit our documents, sometimes we want to select the main text without selecting intervening figures, tables, footnotes. Other times we want to select both the text and the figures. Currently bakoma tex preview window represents the selection with yellow highlights, but they do not reflect what is actually selected (intervening figure is highlighted but is not truly selected - e.g. delete the selection and the figure remains. Other times (e.g. selection in source window) the reverse is true, the whole figure is not highlighted in yellow but pressing delete will delete the figure. If highlights could be more precise and there were two ways to select text (with and without the figures , tables etc) that would speed editing of our documents.
Votes:  2

2016/05/30 13:26:18 UTC
Search in files

Please add the ability to search a string in all project files. When I run a search on the formated text window, it searches for my string within the entire document. However, when I search the tex files, I can only search within the current file.
Votes:  2

2016/06/01 18:58:50 UTC
Baris Ay    
Update the document date

Sometimes I use Bakoma for days, continuously on the same document. When I generate the pdf file, however, it shows the date I first opened the document. Bakoma should update the document's date to the day of the most recent change.

Votes:  1

2012/10/12 04:40:31 UTC
Option for exporting with 'Math Highlighting'

Add an option for exporting to PDF etc. with 'Math Hightlighting' enabled so the math is outputted in those beautiful blue colors as seen in the viewer.
Votes:  5

2013/11/25 21:27:54 UTC
James-Michael Leahy    
Add intermediate font sizes in edit settings dialog (11, 12, 13, 14)

I have a laptop with a 13" screen and I am using Bakoma TeX Word. I have split my screen vertically with the editor on the left and the dvi on the right. I edit text and make minor changes to equations in the dvi, but I use the editing window to write more complex math equations. A bit of background: I have used latex for many years, so I am more efficient at writing equations in latex than in the dvi, but editing text and making minor changes to formula in the dvi window is a useful, which is why I purchased Bakoma. The size 10 font in the editing window is too small for me to read and 15 is unnecessarily large. If I could use size 12 or 13, I believe it would be just right.
Votes:  3

2013/10/20 15:30:00 UTC
Curtis Pro    
Preview Window Cursor Color

On preview window the blinking cursor is always black. Suggestion: If you are in a math environment, make cursor red, if you are in a text environment, make cursor black.

Votes:  2

2013/03/25 04:07:29 UTC
Leela S    
Tex4ht - ODT file generation in OpenDocument Option

We would like to get .odt files when converting the latex to opendocument conversion.
Votes:  3

2015/08/09 05:25:42 UTC
Erel אראל Segal-Halevi    
Update Elsevier template from elsart to elsarticle

Currently, the Elsevier template uses "elsart.cls". According to this page: elsart.cls is obsolete. The new class file should be elsarticle.cls.
Votes:  1

2013/01/03 19:42:12 UTC
pdflscape package: Display landscape pages in landscape format

I include the pdflscape package into my papers which has the effect that individual pages that are in landscape format (for example tables with many columns) are displayed in landscape in the PDF output, even if the other pages are in portrait mode. However, Bakoma Tex Word's preview does not display individual pages in landscape when I include this package, although I think it would make very much sense as Bakoma Tex is meant to be a WYSIWYG editor. It would allow me to edit my tables without having to change the page orientation in the View menu.
Votes:  4

2015/04/19 19:27:32 UTC
Spell Composed Words (was Q/A: Does spell checker speak proper German?)

Hi, I am wondering if the spell checker can be tweaked in order to properly recognize composed words as created typically in German. For example a model translates to "Modell" and a input translates to "Eingang", but a model input is known as "Modelleingang". I've already tried to upgrade with various dictionaries, e.g. the one from Texniccenter where this language problem does not occur. I hope the solution is not to manually add all unrecognized combinations to some user dictionary... this simply would be too much! Can someone help? Thanks, Daniel
Votes:  1

2014/04/17 19:31:22 UTC
Showing "snapshots" for easy reference

This is a request relating to the preview. When one places the cursor on a reference or on a citation, Skim (pdf viewer) shows a snapshot of the referenced part (or the relevant citation) in a small box. This is surprisingly convenient as I don't have to flip back and forth to find the referenced equations or citations. I wonder if this is even possible to implement.

Votes:  2

2015/03/25 04:55:24 UTC
Cyrille Piatecki    

At the opening of a document, Texword ask the font ... Could it also remember the curents dictionaries used for a specific text.

Votes:  1

2012/10/13 07:44:30 UTC
Terence Cosgrove     

Make both math and txt toolbars available at all times (or at least as an option) and use smaller icons.
Size of icons may be changed from Options - Common Settings - General.

Votes:  2

2014/05/02 13:06:35 UTC
leo mayer    
Allow Mark-Shortcuts in Source-Window

I would like to have in Source-Window the windows-default available:

Ctrl-A ==> Marks all
Shift-PgU/Dwn => Marks one page up resp. down

Votes:  3

2015/01/10 14:10:40 UTC
Option to enable normal space output from shift+space

In the latest version of BaKoMa (>10.0) holding shift+space produces '\ ' So if you type quickly you can easily produce (in the source window) additional '\' characters just because you are using the shift key to produce a character followed by a space: %%\ %\ A\ short while ago, I\ went to see --------------- When what you really typed was this: %% % A short while ago, I went to see Feature request is to have an option, say in the editor settings, to enable the standard output of a space from the shift+space key so that your source windows does not have extra '\'s added which needlessly complicates normal typing output, because it is harder to read the first output above compared to the second output above.
Votes:  2

2013/01/17 14:53:35 UTC
Sixue Qin    
Transparency of Source Window

It will be very nice if the transparency of source window can be altered as the Mac terminal window.
Votes:  1

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