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Import Window Metafile (WMF) Graphics

Import WMF-files using graphics package. [V 11.70]

Beginning from BaKoMa TeX 11.70 import of Windows Metafile (WMF) files is as simple as 1-2-3. Just use graphics package:



Test of import MetaPost graphics:



This approach is ideal for WYSIWYG editing (i.e. for TeXWord) because it have efficient caching and will not slow down editing process.


Import of WMF is based on libwmf-tools.

Real work is made by wmf2eps command line tool.

MS Windows
Under Windows it is downloaded automatically at first import of WMF file.
Just allow to BaKoMa TeX to download proper modules.
Mac OS
Under Mac it may be installed using HomeBrew (brew install libwmf).
To allow run of this program you must:
  • Process the document importing WMF file.
  • Open "External programs" dialog from "TeX Running Parameters"
    You must see wmf2eps program in list.
  • If program -not found- you must find it the system
    'which' comamnd shows that brew install it into /usr/local/bin
    Click [Folder] button and select the program.
    Mac finder do not show uniz folders like /usr
    Click Shift+Cmd+G to go to hidden folders.
  • Finally, Click [Enable] button.
Under Linux user must install the package: 'libwmf-tools'.